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Booking Fee

If you have been directed to this page, then you have already spoke with someone about the event or show!! Again, thank you so much for the support and love. Our promise to you  that we will do our best and give our best!!

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If there are any questions, please don't hesitate to contact [email protected] or text me @ 419-984-2442

Booking Fee

Djobi Ensemble Educational Packages for Events/Schools/ & more!

If you were directed to this page-- then you should know what to do next-- If you are here and not sure what to do and need assistant, then text me 419-984-2442

Basic Package


30 MInutes

The basic package includes a small performance. We have everyone participate and learn about the African drums and African dance. There will be an opportunity for the children to try an authentic African drum. There will be a little dance taught. This package is a good way to experience a touch of Ivory Coast West African culture.

Basic Package

Intermediate Package


60 Minutes

This package will include separate drum and dance classes. We can begin or end with drumming together as a group. Djobi Ensemble will do a small demonstration in the beginning of what they do. There will be some educational aspects about the drum and dance that will be individualized to the group. This package is good for beginners and intermediate level drummers and a short class. This class is good for class room environments with limited time, but like more in-depth touch of what we do. 

Intermediate Package

Premium Package


90+ minutes

This package includes separate drum and dance classes with an intense focus on learning African drum and dance. There will individual attention and conversation about the drum and dance. This package includes a performance. This package is good for beginners up to advance drummers and dancers. This also includes a drum jam! This package is great for learning about the Ivory Coast West African culture. The time will include a story and opportunity to ask questions.

(The Premier package can be 2 Basic Packages for schools or other events. Please contact the director for more information 419-984-2442)

Premium Package